Programs & Services

After School Tutoring - Remedial instruction, by Patti Gibbens
JOM Tutoring- In class remedial instruction, by Ericka Kinney

Counseling Services -None available at the time.

Site Council - Made up of parents, staff, and administration, the School Site Council is involved in budget decision making.

Athletics - Team sports for boys and girls include basketball and cheerleading. Community recreation leagues offer basketball and baseball.

Technology - Computers in the classroom for daily use.

Middle School Demogrant - Focusing on visual and performing arts. Provides staff development in the arts for staff and classroom enhancement.

Cross-Age Tutoring - Middle and Upper grade classes buddy up with primary classes to provide an enriching experience for both the tutor and their younger apprentice.

Science Fair - We rotate between County and School Science Fair activities.

Spelling Bee - We participate in the County Spelling Bee and have won at the County level in past years.

Nutrition Grant - Classroom integrated will cross-cultural activities.

Music - Provided by Dennis Doiron every Thursday. Annual Winter and Spring Program.